Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The Subconscious Mind has the power of inexplicable level. It governs us, mostly, as habits are what we are made of, with little control of the conscious mind.

Think, believe and act, so that your positive actions are embedded into your subconscious, and let the laws of the universe take over. It takes discipline to alter the subconscious, and it's not a day's work. It takes weeks, but it's worth it.

The infinite wisdom and power of the subconscious mind is too good of a tool to let lie in waste.

The power of the Subconscious Mind; May we use it.


Sunday, March 10, 2013


Talent is not everything. But it is something.

We all have our talents. Some of us have found it and some mastered it; while some people are just lost in the ocean of life. Whoever you are, remember that talent is not everything.

Just like knowing and doing are related but different, talent and hard work maybe related but certainly different. Only when talent and hard work merges, defining success can be reached.

Often, talents are wasted by lack of discipline; whereas Hard work is strengthened by discipline. Hence, Discipline is the true way to Success.