Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Something better

Something is better than nothing. Something better is probably better than that.
As long as we are moving forward along the intended path, it is okay.

What we do is more important than the result it produces. Or that we do is more important, because without attempt there can be no victory. Without trying there can be no flying.

What we know is merely potential, while what we do is kinetic. Action sounds better than knowledge.

So, let me start moving forward. To something better.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good at it

I know I am good at certain things. At least I think I am. If I pursue in those I could go somewhere.
But what if I am good at multiple areas of interest? Or what if I am not good at assessing whether I am good at something?

Considering I am good at a particular field, what level of aspiration shall I have? Am I eyeing for unreachable goals or am I putting in too little work in the right direction?

There is lot on the plate at every moment. I have been ignoring the plate.

May be it's time that I change.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Hopes go South

It was not what I expected. I wanted to win and stay ahead, but I couldn't.
Or maybe I didn't try hard enough. Or I lacked the basic patience to see things through and grab the opportune moment.

I lost and now everything changes. I am no longer in control.

Still a lot to come, but a wasted chance this was.

Maybe time is not right for the venture I was about to make. I hope I am wrong, and I make it there.